Arnold’s Philosophy


It is what it is.

Definition of Self,

Becomes by definition Self.

We laugh, We cry, We rejoice.

For whosoever shall be born

Shall also die.


It is what it is.


            So begins Arnold’s Philosophy.  I am what I am.  In my quest for truth, I seek to become truth.  We are here on this planet in the biggest picture possible for the smallest amount of time.  In the briefest part of a second, I, Arnold, want to make an impact for what I am, and what I believe.  What I think about, are the possibilities.


            The very essence of myself, and all those before me, as well as all those after.  We are born in a place of perceived excellence.  Not just for that moment, but all the moments that will come after!  Until that point where the reality of being perceived, is no longer able to be perceived.   Within that time gap, is where my perception lies.  To be in a world where “do unto others as you would have done unto you,” is a standard pact for all living creatures.


            In my dream-like vision, I see truth.  And that is for that statement to become a reality.  I hear the quiet, I feel the pain, I see the joy.  I close my eyes.  I want peace inside me.  For that reason, it has become my first step.  It is the Angel of height, and the God of knowing.  A universal truth that we as one are one with all.  This is my belief; this is why my diet is 100% raw with almost no exceptions.  Day in, day out.  From the first moment I get up to the very last minute, when I go to bed.


            That we as individuals are born in that excellence.  It is this quest for perfection that I share with myself, as I would share it with others.   Hillel, a Talmud scholar once said:


            If I am only for myself, than what am I?”


We are like the tiny droplet of rain that captures the joy of experiencing the fall from nature’s own.  The wetness of breath, and the feel of the good earth.  I reach out to you as I would reach out to me.


            So I rise in the morning.  Not slowly but with all the forces of nature’s own.  For I have found my mission in life.  My goal, my joy, my happiness.  To spread the idealism of eating “So called God food” completely.  To free ourselves from all intake of chemical processed dead food, (any food with has been heated more than a minute with a temperature of more than 120 degrees).  So we stand in salute, and we stand in honor.  We, as I am, are ready to be soldiers in battle to spread the truth of what is our inherent birthright: to be brought up in perfection, in a world that is meant to nurture rather than destroy and to recommend rather than belittle.  To speak of love rather than hate.  What I, being Arnold, demand rigorously, is this truth for others as well as myself and, in that in this vane, I produce only raw food for me as well as for you.  If I can’t swear by it 100%, then how I can share these with you.


                        - Our personal label

- Arnold’s Way fruit bars and Carob Cookies

- Dry dehydrated nuts

- Frozen Pies


These products use high fiber, enzyme rich, nutrient rich, living food.  These are true possibilities that do not exist in any other sore in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey.  I could go on but I won’t.


            For idealism is contagious, every cell (all 75 trillion) demands this continuation of spirit.  The ipso-facto law of life.  We are here for ourselves as well as all others.  Other than that sense of self-dynamics, the world would not exist.


What we write is our predetermined destiny.  It is a universal demand -- that has become our weight for a better tomorrow.  My Raw café is just that.  Only raw, except for a couple of side rows.  Our breakfast lectures are free, requiring no money.  It has never been about money.  It’s always a factor in some small regard.  But the overall health of our self-being is more of a factor.  To watch our children born, rather than die is without wealth.  To see parents being struck down at a young age of a malfunctioning organ cannot be replaced by a dollar amount.  To be diagnosed at a young age of a disease that will bear the weight of limitations and boundaries is of no reward and cannot be paid for the suffering.


So we at Arnold’s Way, share our truths, for we have seen the way.  To those that suffer, there is relief.  For those that cry, there is joy.  For those that feel pain, it can go away.  It is for this reason we share the Philosophies and possibilities for a simple sharing of what is true, and what is a lie.


Why Raw Food?


            As part of the web site, one question asked of me was “Why Raw food?” Which to me is almost like saying, why breath, why live, why be? There is almost no choice in the matter. It does not make sense to heat food from the earth, with all its richness, and then destroy it by processing. We being man, the most so called advanced of all living creatures the ones with the largest brain, have the least sense when it comes to dietary choice. No other animal destroys their food before eating it. I frantically search for a word that would drive this point home.


“The consideration of man’s body has not changed to meet the new conditions of this artificial environment that has replaced his natural one. The result is that o perceptual discord between man and his environment. The effect of this discord is a general deterioration of man’s body, the symptoms of which are termed ‘disease.’” Professor Hilton Hotema.


Man’s Higher Consciousness


Do we run to the coffee shop to meditate on this statement? What is that about? Boiling water at 200 degrees and put it down our throat, where cells are trying to hide from the barrage of boiling liquid! Do we stop at a donut shop and buy one of those sugar coated, flour-enriched hole shaped, with absolutely no value in nutrition! And honestly say that this is normal? Which by most standard the answer can be yes. The question is not of out mind and intellect, but that of our body’s wisdom.


The flour of the dough, totally processed in an uncooked state could not possibly be digested. There is somehow the inkling of why raw – only raw should if it cannot be eaten in a raw state, why eat it?


Do I as a researcher have to review every food item, and list the foulness f its origin, so you as the reader understand the very nature of truth within us?


Dr. George Schuller, in his incredible book “Year of the Gorilla,” describes “I never saw gorillas eat animal matter in the wild, no birds eggs, insects, mice or other creature. What does this all mean? We as people are given a body that reeks of magical Brilliance. It is of perfection, that is genetically designed to grow, to glow, to shin in a world that test abdominal (you like that world) birthright for to happen from birth to death.”


As the writing of why raw became preponderance rather than the preponderance of cooked foods becomes preposterous. We are the creatures of god who were born of no heating devise within ourselves. We were the creatures of god whose cells of one are joined by many. Each with a purpose, each with direction. For a cell of one, is home to the many. The life force of raw versus the life force of cooked.


We walk the streets. We noticed the stores, people walking, watching, seeing, what is good, what is bad. There is a life out there. And everything becomes blind. We wanted the TV and ice cream advertised. The hamburger is sold as a chance to be playing by its side.


Are we becoming a host tribe of Israel and not seeing the consequence of choice?


The cows grazing peacefully in the meadow while cancer becomes the death of every two? Hair falling out, people crying. There is no shame. Lines forming for eating waffles that become the only food for eating breakfast today? Loads of white glue forming within. The brain becomes foggy, cells clogging. There is no air, and tiredness by age 45 becomes the thing. We cry, we weep, cancer at age 45, leukemia at 15, disabled and asthma affecting millions of kids. We enter the convenience store. We walk the aisle picking chips, picking pretzels, hold the coffee please. We wonder why raw, why disease. Its oblivion to all, no one, absolutely no one says a thing. I can’t raise my voice. My pen aides in silence. A proof of cooked food means nothing inside the hospital wards. The statistics mount, cancer, heart disease. Words of hunger don’t hit the street till hoagies weep, and pizzas are thrown out the door.


People standing quietly without reclaim. It’s dangerous to realize that the choice between raw and cooked is so easy. To live free, happy and vibrant, without care, without ever worrying that disease is not possible on a 100% raw diet.


And the streets are lined with stores and many a chance for dead food. Only what is truth, only what is possible, becomes the only way for being free, for being thin, for being raw with no regret. I walk the streets with a vibrant step, with a clear eye. A thirty one inch waist, black hair, and no wrinkles in fact, and never wondering never questioning why being all raw is my only choice.


The albatrosses of gravitational pull hang around the neck. An infinite resolution of directional pull stems from every which way. As man speaks, as man eats a truth of what “is” takes hold. Flowers blooming, sun shining, children playing ball. Is there a truth that governs these cycles of play? As the cows graze upon the fields of green, and children use their hands in prayer, rather than looking for their next prey. We channel our energies to be happy. Not for killing the peaceful coexistence. I send prayer to those that play, to those that want to survive, but wish that someday that to kill animals for food will be learnt that not is the way.


Why raw, why peace, why disease free. Why love, why hope is one and the same.    


~Thank you for your time.