Building the Perfect Rebounder  

All Rebounders Are NOT Created Equal"

Rebounding devices can be acquired from sporting goods stores, department stores, by mail order, and even in some health food stores.

"With NEEDAK SOFT-BOUNCE you get what you pay for"

Depending on the quality, some rebounding devices may be relatively low in cost, and unfortunately, low in quality. Bouncing on such poorly-constructed models may actually be harmful to one's muscles, joints, and nerves. There's no yield to them and the abrupt jarring effect is the same as landing on the floor. Don't let price influence your rebounder purchase. Do your homework. We think you will see that a quality rebounder from NEEDAK just makes sense.

Is It Made of the "Right Stuff"?

Most important for excellent rebounding is the mat material. It should give no stretch during the downward landing, while at the same time providing a resilient rebound. Such a mat will be made from Permatron® material, which has a smooth finish. The Permatron® is resistant to ultraviolet rays, doesn't break down as do other fabrics, and allows no moisture absorption. Part of the specifications for a perfect rebounder is that its mat will be sewn together using at least 5760 stitches of high-grade nylon thread with two layers of strong polypropylene webbing stitched around the mat's edges.

Soft Bounce Springs

Attached to a heavy-grade, all steel round frame should be an oversize spring mechanism holding four-inch-long, custom-made jumbo springs which deliver a soft bounce. Thirty-six springs made of quality wire will hold the mat to the frame. The springs should be shielded by a protective cover. Individual spring mounting pins prevent frame wear.

Tapered coils help to give extended wearability to such springs
. (Untapered coils allow low-quality springs to break frequently, requiring replacement.) Replacement springs must be available directly from the manufacturer since retail distributors seldom stock spare springs.

Special Features

The spring-loaded legs should fold for easy storage under a bed or behind a door.

For a folding rebounder, the frame should fold in half to be packed into its carrying bag, allowing for storage in a car trunk or in the overhead compartment of an airliner.

The NEEDAK® Soft Bounce™ rebounders meet all of these specifications for the ideal rebounding device.

Optional Accessories

The stabilizing bar is an optional accessory that is easily attached to the NEEDAK® Rebounder.

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Al Carter, the father of modern rebounding, demonstrates the durability, ease of use and effectiveness of the NEEDAK SOFT-BOUNCE rebounder.

Needak Rebounders, Made in USA!
TSOFT-BOUNCE from NEEDAK, the perfect rebounder

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Some companies don't want you looking underneath their rebounders. We don't mind. In fact, we hope you do!
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NEEDAK rebounders use only Permatron® material and 5760 stiches!

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Custom made, four-inch-long, tapered springs put the "soft" in SOFT-BOUNCE.

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Folding legs for easy storage.

Special version below, folds in half. Fits in most airline overhead compartments.

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